Another Bird turns into a Woman Appears In Lagos


Although the latest incident ended peacefully, as a woman who has confessed of killing four people was taken to police department, in majotiry of similar cases womenas well children are brutalized by locals.

Nigerians react
Nigerians took to social media to express their dissapontment and anger at government for taking no action to isolate mentally ill people (who are often blamed for black magic) from society.

Blessing Bassey: Every mad woman is a bird turned to a human, I wish government will take mad people off the street, so birds will continue to be birds.

Chukwuemeka Osadebe:Poverty is sin. Why the bird-humans have not been ever seen in Ikoyi and Banana Island? Na so so downtown. Una doo.
Aramide Kehinde:They are not birds, they are mentally deranged people.
Stop tagging them witches!
Accusations of witchcraft remain common in Nigeria, where magic is embedded in the form of Pentecostal Christianity popular in the country. In Nigeria, some pastors have incorporated African witchcraft beliefs into their brand of Christianity resulting in a campaign of violence against Nigerians.




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