A Double Amputee Gets Set to Trek to Abuja from Kaduna For Buhari 


A double Amputee mr. QMusa Ibrahim is ready to trek from Kaduna to Abuja to pay a congratulatory visit to Gen.
Muhammadu Buhari.

PM News reports that, the 30 year old amputee said he is ggoing oing to Abuja to deliver a message to the President-
elect on the need to consider the physically challenged and handicapped under his government.

According to Musa, “I don’t think past administrations were fair to the disabled in this country, they talk about
our plight yet do less to help us”

“Buhari has made the promise to eradicate corruption and stabilize the
economy, but he can only succeed if we support him” .

I can eat and drink water myself so, I am fully prepared the difficulties that will come up during the journey.”

Musa hopes to get to Abuja in five days to deliver his message to him one on one.



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