5yr old boy kidnapped in Lagos, found in Ogun but police are still unable to contact his family yet


Abraham Adeyemi, is a five-year-old boy pictured above, it is believed he was kidnapped in Lagos, He has been found in Ogun State. The little boy was found loitering in front of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Imedu Nla, Mowe, in Obafemi-Owode Local Government Area in Ogun state on Sunday April 26th and brought to the Nigerian Union of  Journalists secretariat, Iwe Iroyin, Oke Ilewo, Abeokuta by the state police spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi yesterday April 27th.

During a brief interrogation with him , Abraham said he was taken away from his area by some people who promised to take him to Mr Biggs
He said
“They told me that we were going to Mr. Biggs”he said

According to reports from Punch, Abraham said he is a nursery one pupil of the New Way Nursery and Primary School in Lagos and that his mother sells recharge card in their area. He however was not able to state where they live exactly in Lagos. He only mentioned they stay around a canal. He also could not give the names of his father and mother, referring to them as Mummy Sarah and Daddy Sarah, after his older sister. 

The state Police spokesperson, Mr Ajetobi said they have not been able to make any contact with the boy’s family because he has not been able to give the names of his parents

“The police found him on Sunday at the Foursquare Gospel Church, Imedu Nla, Mowe. We suspected that Adeyemi must have been kidnapped in Lagos and dumped here in Ogun State. This is because the boy kept telling the police that he lives in Canal; and we all know that canals are common in Lagos. We are not sure whether any ransom has been demanded. The boy is currently with us.” he said

If anyone knows the boy…please let his family know…



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