5 Simple Make Money Online SKILLS TO LEARN

5 Simple Make Money Online SKILLS TO LEARN

According to World Economic Forum, automation will displace 75 million jobs but generate 133 million new ones worldwide by 2022.

This is a proven and obvious fact, take note.

There are a lot of skill you can learn online to help you ear money especially in a time like this.

Herein this article we will focus on just 5 of them; these are in-demand skills to learn and can offer you an excellent opportunity to make money easily. Below are the skill ;

  1. Graphics Design
    Yes graphics design is something that can put food on your table daily even as a student. Graphics designing is large it goes from artist’s artworks, movies artwork, book cover design to logo design to designing unique graphics for an entire brand/company, a graphic designer will continually be necessary in the world. There are many tools used in graphichs designing. Under this Learning to use tools like Corel Draw, Photoshop, or Illustrator with creative application makes you a professional.
  2. Video Editing
    This is another big fish. Truth is nothibg comes in completly easy, we have to put in efforts. Learning video editing and production can give you a great opportunity to earn more. Video editibg is broad, you can use your skills as a freelance videographer to edit their videos and adding sound, animations or images etc.
  3. Writing
    This one is very sweet. Writers will always be needed almost every where. Big and small media houses, bloggers, magaxines, newspaper etc. You can write for other people as a freelancer. You can make money by writing articles (content developer), have seen people write other people’s project, novels and so many more.
  4. Digital Marketing
    Digital marketing involves advertising through different means online. This an excellent field because it offers high income and it is also fun to do talking from experience. You can either be an SEO specialist or social media i.e Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads specialist.
  5. Social Media Management
    Many people belittle this job but see there are many people that do not know to use certain social mefia accounts, some do not have the time so they prefer other people handle the account on ther behalf. You’ll be paid to use social media, which can be great if it’s something you already enjoy doing. And it requires just your phone and internet, you can even run the business from home, or anywhere else.
    What you offer will include:
    Developing marketing strategies based on client goals
    Social media account setup
    Posting images, graphics and text on behalf of clients
    Staying current and sharing on trends and news relevant to the client’s business
    Increase the number of the client’s followers
    Community facilitation to the client’s target market
    Customer service for the client

The skills mentioned herein are top notched, if you need help or have a question, drop it in the comment section. Anyways here is my NUMBER 1 RECOMMENDATION for you to make sweet money online. Many people are earning million from this and shockingly you do not need anything.


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