See pics of woman who set husband’s manhood on fire ans also pics of the man in the hospital


36 year old Mrs. Bukola Olusegun Ogidiolu(right) is the woman who set her husband ablaze on Valentine’s day at their home in Idolofin area of Ado Ekiti in Ekiti state after he allegedly refused to take her out on Val’s day.

When Bukola was interviewed by Tribune, she denied any wrong doing. Bukola said she and her husband always fought over their inability to have a child.
She said

“I don’t know how it happened. We had a quarrel and he left me and went home. I went to meet him at home and by the time I got home, he had destroyed everything in our room. There were people around who were telling him to calm down. The petrol was in our room, placed on top of the electricity generating set. Later I recall that he went outside the room and I heard the fire alarm. I could have prevented the fire from burning him that much but he was dragging me to himself but I freed myself from his grip and ran out. We later took him to the hospital and I was arrested the day after by the police. It happened at about 11:30 pm on Wednesday and I was arrested the day after. Our quarrel has always been about our not having a child together. It has nothing to do with valentine outing because I’m not a baby that would be asking to be taken out. We’ve been married since 2012 and I’ve been taking drugs so that I could have a child for him. He smokes but I didn’t see him light a cigarette on that night. But from the reports I heard from those who saw him at the hospital, they said he was holding a lighter. He was standing behind me, towards the passage and he was there when he raised the fire alarm.”she said

Although the neighbors in their compound said a different story. According to one of them who pleaded anonymity, he said Mr. Olusegun had arrived at their home in Idolofin area of Ado Ekiti at about 6pm on that fateful day to meet his wife who was angry over his inability to take her out for the valentine celebration. Neighbours claimed they heard the couple exchange words before tragedy struck.

“At about midnight, the husband suddenly ran out from their apartment, calling for help saying his wife had set him on fire. We had to rush out to rescue him by quickly getting water and pouring it on him. But for the prompt intervention of some of us, he would have been burnt to death”a neighbor said.

Olusegun was immediately rushed to the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH), where he is still receiving treatment. “We also reported the incident to the Ado Central Divisional police station from where policemen came and arrested his wife the day after,” the neighbour said.

Olusegun’s mother, Mrs. Folake Olusegun, said when she arrived the hospital, the last thing her son told her before he passed out was that his wife was angry that he did not take her out on Val’s day. According to her, “this caused a serious misunderstanding which made his wife threaten to set him ablaze. My son said he dared his wife, saying she couldn’t do that and suddenly she poured petrol on him and also threw the fire at him.”she said

Bukola, Olusegun’s wife is currently still being held by the Ekiti state police command where investigations into the matter is still ongoing and she would soon be charged to court.

Source: Tribune



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