Fans say 2face’s Children Are Suffering, and their mum replied

2face's children

Fans say 2face’s children are suffering

Some people just don’t know when to keep quiet. A fan recently threw shade at tuface and the mother of two of his children, saying they looked like they are suffering.

The fan commented when 2face’s son, Nino shared a photo of himself and his brother on Instagram, their mum, Sunmbo Adeoye, did not take it easy with the follower.

Although the comment had been deleted, the fan wrote:-

“How come Tuface’s kids look like they are suffering? Please, I didn’t mean it in a negative way.”

Replying, their mother, Adeoye reacted,

“You do know what you are up too and it’s sad. You come on my page to discredit the effort my children put into innovating, then you come here to say they look like they are suffering. I have no words for you. You will understand when you become a parent.”




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