15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020 : [Must Watch]

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

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It’s safe 1000s of movies come every month from all movie industry worldwide. One big task is keeping track of the releases dates of some of the movies we perceive would be dope.

Another thing that seem to be an issue is the prices of going to see these movies at the cinema. Different countries with their different price tag. For example in Nigeria a new movie can cost up to N4000 upon release, leaving many people with option of waiting a long time for the cinema price to drop. Survery also shows that to watch a movie in USA cost about $10 per person.

Do you the price list to see a movie in a cinema in UK?

Do you the price list to see a movie is Germany, France, Brazil, Ghana, Southafrica and other countries?

Watching movie is one fun thing to do, either as an individual, a couple or a family.

For you to be updated and kept abreast about the release date of the upcoming movies for march 2020, we have created a list of 15 top movies to be released.

In order of release, here are the top 15 movies coming out in March, 2020;

15. Onward (March 6)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

Magic! Magic!! Pixar’s Onward takes place in a modern fantasy world where magic has taken a backseat to modern technologies and conveniences. Summary of what Onward is about: two brothers discover their deceased father’s magic wand and, with the help of it, they embark on an adventure to try to bring him back. Are you ready???

14. The Way Back (March 6)

Top 2020 movies

Yay! Just the kind of movie I have been looking one. This is about a former high school basketball star suffering from alcoholism is given a second chance when he is offered a position coaching a local high school basketball team. With the help of the team, he is given the opportunity to overcome his demons, while, at the same  time, coaching the team on a winning run the likes of which the school has never experienced before. Sport movies always get attention of a lot of people and this is not going to be an exception.

13. The Banker (March 6)

2020 hollywood movies

The Banker is based on real events. This is about two African American men during the racially-oppressive 1960’s who devise a plan to help other African Americans in attaining the American Dream. By setting a white man as a front for their operations, the two men are able to create funding and opportunity for other African Americans like never before. We wait is on, we are so ready for the release of this particular one.

12. Escape From Pretoria (March 6)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

This thriller of a story based on real events follows two political prisoners as they try to escape from prison in Pretoria. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe and Daniel Webber, and is based off the novel Inside Out: Escape From Pretoria Prison.

11. The Burnt Orange Heresy (March 6)

Best 2020 foreign movies

The burnt orange heresy. Based on the novel of the same name written by Charles Willeford. The movie is ablout a plan to steal a piece of art from one of the most renowned artist in the world begins to spin out of control when the thief in charge of the operation is slowly overtaken by his own greed and insecurities.

10. Bloodshot (March 13)

Best 2020 foreign movies

March 13 is around the corner. Bloodshot is based on the Valiant comic series. This film is about Ray Garrison, a soldier who was killed in action wakes up to find that a shadow agency has brought him back to life using nanotechnology making him into an unstoppable killing force. When he slowly uncovers what has been done to him, Garrison ventures out on a dark path of revenge.

9. The Hunt (March 13)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

For this movie, Hunt a group of strangers who wake up in the middle of nowhere only to discover they are being hunted. A politically-motivated dark comedy that is sure to be a cult hit. The Hunt was initially scheduled for a release in September before being rescheduled for March. We wait is hyper for this movie.

8. My Spy (March 13)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

This is another movie that promises to be exciting. In the movie My Spy, wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista played the role of a hardened CIA operative tasked with surveilling a local family. However, after the family’s precocious nine year old daughter uncovers the spy’s identity, the two end up having to work together for each of their respective missions.

7. The Informer (March 13)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

The movie is based on the novel Three Seconds by crime-writing duo, Roslund/Hellstrom, in The Informer, Pete Koslow, a reformed criminal, becomes embroiled back into the life he escaped from after a pair of crooked FBI handlers task him with infiltrating the prison that he served time in.

6. Misbehaviour (March 13)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

The is a comedy-drama movie, an all star cast including the likes of Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Jessie Buckley, Misbehaviour is based on the real events surrounding the 1970 Miss World competition, wherein the first black woman was crowned Miss America.

5. A Quiet Place: Part II (March 20)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

This part II is a sequel to part I that came out in 2018. This is one horror movie that hit the film industry, Part II continues the story of the Abbott family following their tragic loss at the end of the first film. In the world of A Quiet Placeblind monsters with super-hearing roam the country forcing all of the surviving humans to live their lives in the closest they can get to complete silence.

4. I Still Believe (March 20)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

This is one you will want to see with probably your spouse on a date night. The movie I Still Believe is based on an inspiring true story. The movie is about a Christian musician mega-star, Jeremy Camp, who must use his music, family, and friends to overcome great loss and be able to rise up again.

3.The Climb (March 20)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

The Climb is a movie that is based on real events. Here is a summary of the movie. The Climb follows the tumultuous lives of two best friends, played by Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin, over a number of years as their shared love of cycling helps them to overcome joy, pain, heartache, and hardships. A possible soon-to-be indie hit.

2. Mulan (March 27)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

This is a remake of the classic animated Disney film. This is a live-action version of Mulan. Here is a summary of the movie. This version of mulan follows the titular hero as she infiltrates the Imperial Chinese army as a man in order to bring honor to her family and help fight against the Huns.

1. Vivarium (March 27)

15 Movies Coming Out In March 2020

Vivarium is a sci-fi movie. It promises to be an exciting one. Here is a summary of what the movie is about.

Vivarium follows Tom and Gemma, a young married couple who move into a new suburban neighborhood. After settling in, they soon learn that the neighborhood is far from normal: no one else seems to live there, and its labyrinthian layout seems to be trying to keep them there forever. Watch out!!!

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